iLOTO Services

In an industrial environment there are various sources of energy i.e. Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulics. Though these energies are basic necessities but failure to control the release of hazardous energy while servicing and maintaining equipment has the potential to cause some of the most severe as well as fatal injuries in our workplaces. Even simple equipment has the ability to permanently alter a human body or even kill a person in seconds. No safety manager wants to face the family of an employee and explain why their daughter or son isn’t coming home because of an avoidable workplace accident. We can eliminate such a scenario with the implementation of LOTO. With lockout-tagout accidents, there are rarely bumps and bruises. BRiGS – iLOTO program with our professional training approach, high resolution graphical procedures and tags, and solutions allow for long-term sustainability of your safety program.

The iLOTO implementation purpose and plan

Purpose: BRIGS’ implementation plan strives to make any facility compliant to OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.147 thereby enhancing and strengthening the existing plant Maintenance activities.

Policy Development

Policy development and deployment will have the following scope of work:

- Brigs will help in creating a written corporate policy by working closely with the key decision makers and stake holders.

- Brigs will help in deploying the different aspects written in the policy.

Energy Assessment

Brigs will conduct an “as is” situation analysis to draw up the following:

- Behavior change plan(if required).

- Effective adoption of safe energy isolation practices.

- Conduct a hazard/energy assessment by identifying all by identifying all equipment that is used, serviced, maintained or stored

Procedure Development

Determine Lockout/Tagout requirements for all equipment, identifying and documenting all energy sources –and create machine-specific procedures containing:

- Type of Hazard

- Location on the equipment

- Proper isolation and lockout device/procedure

- How to dissipate the stored energy

- How to verify the isolation

Hardware for Isolation

Scope of work in Hardware for Isolation:

- Survey and identification of the hazard specific isolation device.

- Training on the usage of the isolation devices.

- Localization or modification(if any) for LOTO devices


- Training a specific %age of “authorized”, “affected” and “other” employees.

- Create and develop separate training modules for:

- Authorized Employees

- Affected Employees

- Other Employees

- Contract Workers

- Based on the no of employees create a training calendar.


Processes are needed to be put in place to make the program more comprehensive and system based. To do the same the following will be done:

- Brigs will design a periodic inspection schedule to identify and correct any deviations or inadequacies.

- Brigs will will develop a retraining program to incorporate if there is:

- Change in responsibilities, equipment or procedures

- New employees training system

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